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Our Facilities

Computer Lab

The computer Lab of the school is one of the most modern labs which any school would have it. The lab has installed PIV Computers.

Class Rooms

Class rooms are large and airy with abundant natural light to provide the right ambience for an effective learning experience at school.


This School is established in 1994 as a coeducational English Medium Scheme.

Transport Facilities

We have our own busses to avoid the problems of hired vehicles, Bus services are extended around Ten kms. From the school.


Tara Public School can be derived from playing sports. Our school has full time sports and physical education teacher.


The school has a medical room. Medical check-up of each student is conducted periodically.


A full fledged library is set up to broader the world of knowledge. This library is equipped with selected books on all subjects.

CCTV Camera

A properly installed system of school security cameras is an important tool for ensuring safety on school.

Parents Meetings

This is a meeting between you and the teacher to talk about your child’s learning and progress. They might be called parent-teacher interviews, parent-teacher conferences or even learning conferences.

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